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Wet Dust Arrestors

The Dustair wet arrestor is a highly efficient wet scrubber / dust collector made in sizes standard varying from 1,000 cfm to 20,000 cfm and above to suit specific applications.

Standard Hand Desludge Units

The basic operating principle is a simple and yet well proven system utilizing the negative pressure of the fan to induce a water spray through the internal scrolls of the wet collector. The result that this gives is a highly efficient water scrubbing system, but without the inherent problems of pumps, pipework or spray nozzles. This means that the unit is relatively self cleaning on many dusts and requires very little maintenance. The system is also very simply engineered to provide good facilities and access for any maintenance and cleaning arrangements that may be required. The scrubber cleans the air by driving the dust laden atmosphere into a plenum chamber, then forcing it at high velocity through narrow slots. This picks up water through heavy turbulence created at the narrow scroll orifice. Additional centrifugal force is then applied to the air path to induce constant wetting of the dust before this is finally trapped and thrown back to the clean side of the filter for settling. The efficiency of the system is maintained by a water levelling device which requires very simple setting initially and then no further modification is required.

Principle of scrubbing within wet collector units (click here for diagram) 

On filling from the standing, the system automatically levels to the correct point. On initiating start up, dynamic levelling is achieved automatically and then maintained by either a trickle overflow or an electrical probe system. This retains high performance with a very small loss of water, estimated to be approximately 8 litres per hour per 5000cfm however the final amount is dependent upon specific system conditions . The water level box is situated externally on the end casing of the unit and is provided with a sight glass for viewing of the level. This gives the operator a clear indication of the performance of the unit and it is very simple to determine the volume of water required to make up after a short time of commissioning. The standard units are manufactured from heavy gauge steel with sufficient stiffening to overcome the system pressure required on the arduous duties often encountered with wet collection applications. However a budget range is manufactured for less arduous applications but still retaining the standard scroll form and hence efficiency for a much reduced cost.


The specially designed scrolls are constructed such that they can be removed for replacement when required. In the top section of this collector water elimination banks are provided in order to prevent any carry over of moisture to atmosphere. However, we do recommend that these units are fitted outside the building or, alternatively, vented to atmosphere since the discharge is always moist.


1. Freeze up prevention heaters for outside use, with thermostat control.
2. Explosion doors, anti-spark fans and automatic water level controls for explosive dusts.
3. Optional fan set to suit customers requirements.
4. Special paint finishes or materials of construction etc., for corrosive applications.
5. Hand and auto - desludge ejection or sluicing discharges are all available.