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Swarf Conveyor System

swarf conveyor system swarf conveyor system

The following photographs show some portions of a combined mechanical and pneumatic conveying system designed to transfer the quantities of aluminium swarf generated by a CNC machine out to external collection skips to the rear of the factory.

The system utilised a mechanical conveyor sunk into an excavated trench with a series of floor panel grids fitted above. This combined with a secondary vacuum system, whereby any materials not removed from the bed of the CNC machine and placed in the mechanical conveyor, could be removed utilizing flexible hoses on a vacuum cleaning system.


Both of these conveyed the materials into a blower fan that then directed the swarf to the exterior of the factory. External to the building an elevated cyclone over the top of two skips then discharged the materials into either of two skips dependent upon which was empty.

swarf conveyor system swarf conveyor system


The new system ran in conjunction with an existing pneumatic conveying system utilizing a series of proximity sensors to identify when the skips were full operating a switch over damper to direct the material into the second empty skip.

Carry over from the cyclonic separators was captured by a secondary system utilizing a series of vertical collection socks with dust collection facility at the base. A secondary fan was incorporated into this system to draw the air through the cyclones and discharge it into these socks.