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Stillage Filling System

A recent installation by Dustair Limited was required to remove the dusts being generated when stripping down engine components into their various parts that were then placed in a series of stillages positioned around the periphery of the working area. Due to the nature of the materials and that most of the equipment had been used large quantities of dust could be present on the items, which was released by both the operation of handling the materials and also by placing them into the stillage.

In order to overcome the problem Dustair Limited provided a series of extraction hoods placed over the top of the stillages in order to provide a cross draught over the top surface, taking away any airborne dusts. This prevented the dust rising and reaching the operator's breathing zone, therefore, providing adequate containment in compliance with current legislation. The system was based around a second-hand filter plant that allowed 50% of the system to be utilized at any one time. Switch over dampers were therefore, placed within the system to allow the exhausted air to be redirected to suit.

An existing air input system was retained in order to allow circulation of the air within the working area, providing adequate comfort for the operators within the region. The utilization of a reverse jet cartridge filter allowed the air to be re-circulated back into the factory environment reducing the heat load.