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Site Surveys and COSHH Testing

As a requirement of the latest COSHH legislation it is necessary that any LEV (local exhaust ventilation) equipment be thoroughly inspected and tested every fourteen months. Dustair Limited is able to provide this service including full tests and provision of documentation.

Our service includes comprehensive testing and recording service, including full and detailed documentation of the entire local exhaust ventilation equipment tested and details of any tests carried out by our service/testing engineers.

If required in addition to the tests for COSHH we can also provide on site testing and performance certification for any equipment.

We recognize that a number of our customers are unable to perform these activities in-house and therefore, our service/testing engineers are equipped with a full range of test equipment for carrying out site tests. This includes flow rates, static pressures, volumetric tests and testing of any filtration equipment on site.

We are able to offer this coverage both nationwide and overseas if necessary and have dedicated engineers who are able to carry out this work on site. Should you require further testing on site including measurement of either dust levels or pollutant levels within your factory or exhaust systems we are able to provide this service via associated companies.

Any tests or surveys on site would be carried out to least possible disruption to production, however should you require out of hours work, this could be arranged to suit.

Should you require further information on our testing services, and/or surveys of your site or equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.