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Rotary Valves

Designed to discharge sawdust, wood shavings, paper dust and similar low density none abrasive materials from cyclones, shaker and reverse jet filters. The valve body is fabricated from sheet steel and fitted with a 6 blade rotor coupled to a geared motor. The rotor blades are hard wearing nitrile rubber or polyurethane. The valves are built to a standard design or to suit individual applications.


Body: Fabricated from mild as standard or stainless steel or special alloys upon request.

Rotor: 6 blade open type with nitrile rubber or polyurethane blades. Mild or stainless steel center spindle.

Drive: End mounted geared motor TEFC IP55 coupled to the rotor drive shaft via a shear pin collar are standard however indirect drives via chains are available..

Applications: To discharge material from cyclones and other forms of dry filters.