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Hot Rolling Mill Exhaust

As part of a combined design and supply project for China Dustair Limited have just completed the manufacture of a series of filter boxes and exhaust fans to exhaust the fume generated by two aluminium slab/strip rolling mills.
This single stand rolling mill utilized two fans, each capable of 52,000 cfm with their own individual filter boxes, whilst the second four stand rolling mill had two fans each handling a total of 107,000 cfm each. Each of these passed the air through two off filter boxes in order to remove the pollutant from the airstreams before being discharged to atmosphere.

Main Mill CanopyScope of supply for Dustair Limited included the manufacture and supply of the four fans and six filter boxes, plus the detailed design of the hooding, platforms and stairways, as well as the initial fire and volume control dampers.
The remaining portions of the equipment namely the interconnecting ductwork and discharge chimneys were designed by the customer in China with preliminary designs being carried out by Dustair Limited.

The total project was in excess of £350,000.00 and was completed within approximately eight months. In conjunction with the supply of the fume exhaust and filter systems a fire deluge system was also provided as part of the mill equipment.