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Fume Scrubbers

As well as providing metal fabricated equipment, including filters and extraction systems we are able to provide a similar range of equipment manufactured in various plastic, corrosion resistant materials. These can all be made suitable for applications in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and waste treatment industries in various materials to suit the requirements.

This includes manufacture in PVC, polypropylene and glass reinforced materials, together with a combination of surface treatments of metal fabricated components to suit corrosive environments. The full range of equipment including fans, ductwork, scrubber units, exhaust hoods and tanks can be provided for various process systems ranging from basic fume control in corrosive environments up to exhaust from complete process lines involving acid, alkaline and rinsing systems.

Dependent upon the requirements of the system we can provide various scrubbing units in order to clean the pollutant from the air stream before discharging to atmosphere. These can be provided in either horizontal or vertical packed systems, or alternatively, utilizing multi-vane elimination systems with or without spray washers. All of these items can be provided either from our standard range or as a ‘custom built' to suit a particular application.

We look forward to any opportunity to discuss with you your requirements and should you require further information relating to this equipment please do not hesitate to contact us on the reply form.