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About Us

Dustair Limited, through its long experience and practical application to many problems is able to select the appropriate dust separation product within our range to deal with specific dusts or pollutants.

Within our company, we design, manufacture and install tube filters, envelope filters, self-induced wet scrubbers, cyclonic collection, mist pad elimination, electrostatic precipitation and often a combination of these items linked together. This in conjunction with our engineer's ability to design systems aimed to give the correct carrying velocities for the dust or pollutants encountered, means that we, as a company, at Dustair Limited, are able to satisfy all requirements in terms of dust and fume control. In all instances these items of equipment are designed and manufactured by Dustair Limited and remain under our control at all times.

Making your workplace a safer and healthier environment

In this modern age it is necessary to recognise all the hazards that are facing you as a user of equipment. The hazards encountered within the industry, regarding dust and fume control, together with other pollutants, are many-fold. It is important that careful analysis is carried out in relation to particular problems encountered and we as a company pride ourselves in 30 years of experience in, not only solving the problem technically, but in installing appropriate plant whatever the needs.

The start of the process involving assessment begins with a recognition of the materials being handled, i.e., the specific contaminate. From this, together with knowledge of the process, the exposure pattern can be established and controls made effective utilizing various sources. One of the most effective engineering controls is ventilation and careful selection of the volumes of air for separation of the dust from the environment is important. A simplistic approach is always to use large volumes of air, which in all cases will control the dust or fume pollutant, however, there is an on-going cost in dealing with the problem in this manner, in as much that, large air volumes require replacement and therefore, subsequent heating. Apart from this, when large volumes are used the means by which it is filtered out, such as bag filters, wet scrubbers, cyclones, etc., become large and expensive relative to the air volume. It is therefore, essential in the design system to reduce the air volumes being exhausted to a minimum, but still controlling dust. This is carried out by careful analysis and a great deal of discussion with the operatives, in order to establish working patterns and to provide close fitted purpose made extraction enclosures, not allowing the dust or pollutant to escape and thereby become a larger problem. From this point on, once analysis and design have taken place, it is then necessary to select the appropriate dust removal system from the air stream. This can take many forms, but in the majority tends to be bag filters or wet arrestors and there are many styles and sizes of these available, together with electrostatic precipitation, cyclonic collection and mist elimination through pad filters.

Dustair Limited operates a continuous policy of product development and improvement and reserves the right to supply equipment which may differ from that described in this website. This attempts to outline the range of equipment and services that we offer, but in the world of dust and fume control, problems are so diverse that often there are very specific requirements.
Please therefore, call our engineers who are on hand to offer expert advice on plant selection and full design service, which are available for any dust and pollution application to suit your specific needs.